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Totally new here. I'm studying for a degree in music technology and am in my final year. As part of my sonic arts module I need to make an installation art work and I wondered if anyone can help me.

Basically my idea for my project is installing an arduino in a lift (elevator) and having it play back a pre programmed melody. The speakers would be piezo or similar attached to the lift walls that would turn them into giant speakers. I wanted to have some distance sensors in the corners of the lift that would change the pitch and speed of the melody being played back.

Now, the bit I need help with.....

Is this possible at all? In my mind it seems logical enough but I have no prior experience with arduino

Can an arduino play back polyphonic audio?

Extremely grateful for any replies and help received.

James Whittlesea


doesn't seem impossible, I really dont have any good info just giving hope heh

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