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im was planning on making a robot but without the arduino, i was planning on using the Atmega8/168/328/644/32(which ever one i can find), so my question is that i am not familiar with avr programming but i can program in the ardunio ide, so can i use my arduino to burn the boot loader on all of the chips mentioned above(or should i buy a specific chip that the arduino can burn), then make a circuit for them and then program the Atmega's using Arduino IDE??


I could print the Arduino logo on a box of cereal and sell it as "Arduin-O's"


thanks for the reply, ive seen that, just to confirm by doing this is can burn the arduino boot loader into any Atmega and not only 168 or 328 and i can then program it in arduio ide?


Yes any processor / board you have got support for in the boards menu.

The other day I used this method to burn a boot loader for a 20MHz ATmega 644 chip, for a Reprap controller. I used the files on the Reprap site to extend the boards supported to the 644 and 644P chips at both 16MHz and 2MHz


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You may take a look into this thread: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,52223.msg372392.html#msg372392

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