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I need help!
Sorry for my english.

I bought "Cellular Shield with SM5100B" and I have a problem. Library to work with him, I downloaded from this site: code.google.com_p_gsm-playground_downloads_list
In the sketch, using the speed of 115 200, but at this rate nothing worked. So I changed it to 9600 and everything worked. The trouble occurred after the command AT + IPR = 115 200. After that I did not get a response from SM5100B. I tried the speed of 115 200, but it has not given any result (I'm using serial port of Arduino, J1:RX-MTX; J2:TX-MRX).
But recently I came across this topic:
There was the following thing:
Connect directly to pins 2/3/gnd with any serial TTL connection (FT232 breakout, FTDI cable, etc ...)".
I think that this can help me. But I don't understand what does it mean.

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