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I am trying to do this without a crystal...

All of the bootloader, UART and sketch code timing is based on a known crystal speed, that's why a 16MHZ crystal is specified.  Get a 16MHZ crystal and try again.

Unless you have edited an recompiled a new bootloader, your choices for  "F_CPU" are 8 and 16 MHZ.


I found this great blog : http://todbot.com/blog/2009/05/26/minimal-arduino-with-atmega8/

An after burnig the atmega8-noxtal i was able to download the 'blink' example.

Now I can not figure out how to download another program. How do you get the STK500 board to start the bootloader again (and not the blink) program ?


An AVR with the bootloader loaded ALWAYS runs the bootloader.  Normally it will look at the serial port for a couple of seconds to see if there is boot traffic, and if not, start the sketch (blink.)   So it's just a matter of timing a press of the RESET button correctly.  (The amount of time that it waits is dependent on the actual version of the bootloader that you loaded.  The old ATmega8 bootloader would wait something like 10 seconds.  The optiboot distributed with Uno waits about 0.5 s!)

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