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Hey Guys,

I am heavily involved in the data logger/acquisition industry but I feel that its missing something, and that would be an open source data logger.  The issue I come across is pricing, I deal with customers all over the world and find that 90% of my clients (mostly educational) just don't have the budget for an easy to use, compact data logger, any stand alone unit with 8 channels is going to cost a minimum of $500, add the software, cable, etc...soon gets out of hand.

So I was thinking that an open source logger based on the Arduino could be an ideal solution, the biggest issue would be having something easy to use for the end user, a nice front end on the software, but allow the more technical to make modifications for the odd sensor.

I would even be prepared to start some sort of contest to kick start this project, throw in some prizes to generate some interest.

Anyone feel that this would be worthwhile?


Thats a cool and interesting idea.  What kind of sensor input are you thinking about, and what should the software on the PC side be able to do ?



Glad you like the idea!  I was thinking 0-5V, 4-20mA (using a shunt), would be nice to have 30k thermistors (pretty cheap and lots of them), digital pulse counting and maybe also 1-wire?!?!  Of course, the 10bit A/D might be a small stumbling block, but to be honest, most applications really don't really require anything with a higher resolution.  Also, have the ability to trigger a digital channel on an alarm condition.

As for software on the PC side, I was thinking a simple/basic programming interface, for example, the user could enter the sensor type (i.e. 0.5 to 4.5V), the scaling and logging rate.  Then can download the data and export it as a CSV format, all straight forward stuff.  I guess my main thing would be packaging, making it as simple as possible for the non-technical user.

What do you all think?


I'd enter the competition if the price was nice. :)

You'd probably have a class for each kind of sensor and store the config in the inbuilt EEPROM (512 bytes).
The tricky bit is storing large amounts of data. Either a flash chip or a SD card would do but I never had any luck with the SD.

How do you usually interface with data loggers? Is sending commands via serial the best idea?
That makes it reasonably easy to dump data and change the configuration.


I'm aware of a usb memory stick logger solution for the Arduino.  Is this different from what you are proposing?


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