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While I feel that an arduino based logger is still a great idea, especially now that the atmega1280 leaves plenty of pins and memory after you've hooked up the SD card, for our purposes, we have decided to go with a PC104 board running linux. Something like the TS-7800 or an Atom based board. This comes at a substantially increased cost and power consumption, but still within our parameters.



I am new to this forum and found this thread while searching for a way to build a data logger. I am very interested in building a data logger out of an arduino board but I am unsure if it is fast enough for the application.

I will be using it to sample and log GPS, accelerometer, and analog data from sensors on a race car. It will have to be able to log these at 5Hz minimum (10Hz prefered). And also possibly have an RS232 serial interface to log serial data from the engine control unit.

Do you that this is possible? Any help would be appreciated.



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I'm having a similar question like akumbar.

The project I need to work on has specs as following:

- about 30 analog inputs
- resolution of adc: 16bit
- min. 20Hz log rate (not for all the signals, about 15, others slower)
- gps signal over rs-232
- saving to sd memory card

I'm wondering if arduino can handle all this. What would be the limiting elements? Atmega speed? Bus capabilities?

An idea was to connect some adc on the i2c bus and use analog multiplexer, what do you think?

Thanks a lot for your answers.


- about 30 analog inputs

With multi-plexing, yes. The Duemilanove only has 6 analog ports. The Mega has more, but not that many more.

- resolution of adc: 16bit

No. 10bit adc on the Arduinos.


Yes internally it has 10bit, but I could just attach some adc via the i2c bus, right?

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