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Attach what you like to the bus. But, then, it isn't inherently part of the Arduino.

The Arduino ADC is 10 bit.


We need additional electronic anyway to handle all of our inputs. So maybe we are designing a shield for that.

As it looks the arduino mega fits pretty well.



New to the forum, new to Arduino

As the Science director in a UK High School, what we need is not another data logger that is either too expensive or too complex -- but a data acquisition tool that "just works".

A basic box that had say:

a) 4 channels
b) RTC
c) Sample frequency from ms to daily
d) Basic LCD feedback
e) Minimal memory (cheapest possible) USB or SD Card

As far as schools are concerned, the logger is just a "black box" and it's the sensors that you plug in that make them useful.

A version that I decribed above should only cost $40 (ish) to make -- If such a device existed, they whould sell bucket loads in the UK.

This is the basis of my interest and research into the Arduino.





x8 Analog / Digital inputs -- wrap it into a neat box with some control circuitry -- might be just the job.

Still -- I'll press on with the Arduino -- makes an interesting project.

Good feedback - thanks

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