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Hi guys,

recently I'm looking for a way to make a wifi communication by Arduino and the Mac.

I said the Xbee modules but them, with a shields, are too expensive. So I also said the Fonera+ wifi modem.
That is very good and simple to use but there's a problem: the modem that all example I've found use a Fonera+ modem and and this is no longer in commerce.

My question is: Can I use a different models (as the last http://corp.fon.com/it/products/simpl/) and hack those?

Thank a lots.

P.s. I apologize for any semantic / grammatic errors: I am not English or American, but Italian.


Simpl seems no hackable like previous Foneras   :(
I'm, too, looking for a low cost WiFi router 'OpenWRT  compatible' to replace a bricked Fonera2 :smiley-yell: used in client mode......
Browsing here gives some solutions for this problem:


My suggestion is the Asus WL-520gU. Very awesome low-cost router, runs OpenWRT and such great and super-easy to solder serial pins.

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