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this message is for those that participated in the Arduino beta-testing phase. If you got boards from us to try out before August 1 2005, your processor's bootloader runs software version 1.0

Arduino's Malmö Office will be glad to reflash the software in your microprocessor FOR FREE if you don't have the tools to do so. Just send us your microchip and we will send it back to you with the new software (you will have to pay only for the inital shipment to us, we pay the rest):

Arduino Project
c/o David Cuartielles
K3 Malmö University
Beijerskajen 8
21119 Malmö



Upon request (and because we had forgotten about it), we have uploaded a package that includes the bootloader, and a series of batch files that will allow you to upgrade your bootloader using an ICSP or STK-500 kit.

Link: http://download.berlios.de/arduino/bootloader.zip


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