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Author Topic: Creating a yo-yo motion with a tiny motor  (Read 1290 times)
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So this probably fits in the motor forum as well as this one, but hopefully posting here will lead me to some help.

I'm making a little butterfly for my friend's kid that will flap its wings. It's going to be small, and I want to use a cell phone vibrate motor for it, basically have it act as a winch and pull a little string that opens and closes the wings. So, i need the motor to spin in one direction for a second, then stop for a second, then spin for a second, etc, repeating. Or, have it spin in one direction for a second, then spin in another direction for a second, then repeat. How would I accomplish this using basic electronic parts without needing a microprocessor like the Arduino? My electronics knowledge is basic, so I dont know what the proper IC or transistor would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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