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I really do not understand why they still have that 1uF capacitor on the latch line in that tutorial.
It just shouldn't be there.


it would be great if you could get these libraries to support shiftpwm using an attiny45/85

i attached my cut down version which supports the 85 over arduino as isp / select the attiny85 1/8mhz internal osc

extract inside arduino...\hardware

restart... now then you can compile and test it without needing an attiny chip ill glady test your code :)

thanks for your time :)




I am working on my first Arduino project, a 16 x 16 monochrome led matrix controlled with ShiftMatrixPWM. All is going fine, but I am afraid I will run out of memory since 32k memory on my Uno is too small to store all the patterns to be displayed on the led matrix. MicroSD cards also use spi and are conflicting with ShiftMatrixPWM.

While waiting for a non-spi ShiftMatrixPWM, I am asking if there is any way to use a sd card reader, even if it means that the led matrix periodically gets disconnected for a moment while sd card is accessed (reading only)?


Replying go myself, just for a record here.

I found that sdFat library can be configured to use software SPI on any digital pins.
So now both ShiftMatrixPWM and sdFat are running on the same arduino.
No problems so far contolling just a couple of leds in the prototype.

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