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Hello forums! Long time no talk. I am back with some questions, in relating to IMU's for a project i am researching. I am thinking about building a Segway like machine. Now i know there are many tutorials online for this type of robot, but i would like some user input/opinions of preferred accelerometer/gyro IMU's. What kind of IMU boards would you consider for an effective segway like robot? I know most accelerometers/gyro's will work, i mean, i was able to build a small segway robot with a mimsic 2 axis accelerometer from radio shack, but as you can imagine, it was extremely poor in precision and was very choppy.


For a segway I don't think you need a super fancy IMU. But, if you are up for top class sensors you should go with the BMA180 and the ITG3200.

Of course, I may be a little bit biased, but you may have a look to my FreeIMU boards. You can have a look at a Two Whell Balancing Bot powered by FreeIMU.

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