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I am new to arduino and already have a few basic concepts understood. I am working on a project and need to figure out how to use arduino basically as an oscilloscope. I have learned that some R/C recievers have a PPM signal  somewhere on there board in addition to the normal PWM code output to the servos. I want to use the arduino to touch around on the reciever and find what pin or contact has the PPM signal. I saw a video someone made doing this but they dont explain how to wire the board, nor the code to upload to actually make it work. Any help would be much appreciated!!


Do you know approximate freq. of PPM?


here is the link that i found. http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/705844:BlogPost:38393 he is using a futaba reciever and i am using a Hitec with 9 channels. I dont know much about writing or reading code with arduino. The more i look at the link i think it answers my question on there but i dont know how to load his code, get it to display on my computer or how to hook everything up correctly to do what he is doing.

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