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hello all,

i finshed 2 (first) chapters of my tutorial "arduino longside VVVV".
this 2 chapters are very basic and show how to connect arduino and VVVV.
check http://vvvv.meso.net/tiki-index.php?page=arduino01

any feedback is welcome ...
or i'm the only VVVV user wich is using arduino  ;)

bene fit


I downloaded VVVV but I got dicouraged soon. It seems to have a really hard learnoing curve.
In any case I will take a look to yoru tutorial and tell you



great tutorial, do you mind if we replicate it at the Arduino tutorial's website?



no, do everything you want with it :)
but i'm planing to do at least one more chapter. maybe in combination with the "dmx master" tutorial. something like "build you own dmx interface for vvvv", and show there how do work with a bunch of values.

when is the dmx tut finished?
does the dmx code work tight?
what means "Therefore the program will stop the interrupts when sending data"?

bene fit


Take a look at:



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