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I saw a version 0004 mentioned on the developer's web site, but the download on arduino.cc  is still 0003 alpha.

I'm experienced with AVRs but not Arduino and interested in participating/contributing.


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the version 0004 you saw it's an internal release not for public consumption. we are testing some new features beforewe launch version 4.

if you have experience with avr and C you can help us add some features to the language.
there is a  number of things we want to add. you can see a list here: https://developer.berlios.de/bugs/index.php?group_id=3590&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=1&_category=954&_bug_group=100&_summary_keyword=&SUBMIT=Browse

just pick one of them and write some code. if you need some assistance on the inner working of arduino i'll be happy to help you.



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