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Hi guys,  I am making a project around my coffee machine and have a type-t theormocouple from omega, (TJ36-CPSS-18G-2.5 as mentioned here http://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=TJ36-ICIN).

I need to use this for the partic. application due to custom fittings.

I want to measure the water temp at pour time for the coffee, so about 85-105 degrees C.

I was going to get one of these shields, but I note it's for type-K thermocouples...http://store.ryanjmclaughlin.com/featured-products/7tr3y

Can I use this for this application (with a conversion factor or other compensation) given that I am onl really interested in a relatively tight range (20 or so degree) or do I need something else?


Jack Christensen

Why not just use K-type? The Omega link you provided shows multiple types.


A first glance they look interchangeable to me (OK might need a conversion factor). More important the sensors are made of a different alloy and I don't know if that affects the taste of your coffee (might even improve it :)
Rob Tillaart

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Thanks guys for the replies.

The reason I want to use the t type is that I already have it :)

Will consider my options wrt. applying conversion vs. selling and hunting down a k type. Live and learn.

As for the coffee...it's pretty damn fine at the moment...so prefer not to have a metal tinge to it :)

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