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Could you help to figure out mechanical setup, by posting photo or video?

Sparkfun has a kit, would it be useful?


I am not a native speaker of English, so I got the terms from the Internet - they might be wrong...

Here is the picture:


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Yes, English is not my native ether, so I decided to remove a link to youtube, after I have seen a few minutes...
Draw on a computer a disk:
Print it , and attach/glue from internal side of the crankwheel.
Using two of the photo-transistor couplers attached to the frame (similar, like on a link to sparkfun) you will get your optical rotary encoder. If 1/8 of turn is too much, hey, draw on disk as much stripes as you want, 64 , 128.... unlimited.....


I've seen several projects where people use the mouse sensor without such problems, but no clear explanation how they did that...

Just for academic interest here's an example. Basically it just comes down to using a lens and getting a good focus on the target.


The "paper encoder" is brilliant! I've made a 2-bit chart and soldered the little buggers and it seems to work!

No time to program it yet, but I will get around to it...

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