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I'm looking into buying some xbee's. I was wondering, Do I need 2 of the same xbee models to communicate together, or do I need one receiver and one transmitter. Also, do I need a board to bridge the xbee to the arduino? Thanks for any help. :D


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The XBees act as transceiver modules and you can chose their role in the network by programming the corresponding firmware (coordinator/ router/ end device / AT/ API-mode).

What you have to consider among other things before buying is the transmit power ("normal"/ PRO) and the antenna form factor.

In the simplest way you only connect the Vcc and GND from the XBee to 3V3 to the Arduino and the RX/TX from the Arduino to DOUT and DIN of the XBee. While this is working you might consider a level shifter which consists of a voltage divider in its simplest form (like I did: http://lookmanowire.blogspot.com/2011/06/temperature-sensor-network-with-rtc-and.html).

There is a good book available if you want to dig deeper into wireless networking with XBee: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596807740/


XBee blog: http://lookmanowire.blogspot.com/


So, I could buy two of these (http://solarbotics.com/products/51710/)
And program them to connect. And Then hook up one to the arduino, and it will be good?


Before you push the buy button, think about it a bit.  XBees come in two styles (actually a number of them, but for this discussion 2) Series 1 and Series 2.  Each of the series have advantages.  To make it more complicated, there are two power levels (once again there are actually more than 2 but again for this discussion 2)  normal and pro.

So, if you are inside a house and trying to get to the next room the normal ones are powerful enough, if you are trying to get down the road to the pump house, the pro version is appropriate. 

The Series 2 devices can set up a mesh network and work within it quite well, the Series 1 devices are easier to program and work with.

Read a bit, look around and decide based on more information than you have so far.

But basically, if you have two series 1  OR two series 2 the pair will talk to each other just fine.  The pro version of each series are just more powerful.

There are fans of both series 1`and 2 so choose which ones you go with carefully since series 1 WON'T talk to series 2.

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