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I need to incorporate a strain gauge into a project I'm working on.

Strain gauges themselves seem to be quite cheap, but they don't work without an exciter circuit to provide an input signal, and a hi-gain op-amp circuit to turn a minuscule signal into something a microprocessor can read. (all this according to what I've learnt from google in the last 15 minutes)

There are also a bewildering variety of op-amp circuits out there, however what I'm looking for (and can't find) is a simple 'strain gauge on a chip' I can buy. At this stage of my project I'd prefer not to get side-tracked into analogue circuit design unless I have to. Is there really no single chip solution? I can't be the first one to want to measure strain? Even sparkfun don't seem to have a breakout board to help me, and they have a sensor for everything!



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Here is another way you might consider reading low level strain gauges wired into Wheatstone bridge circuits. It's a low level differential input 24 bit ADC converter. It's based on a TM7709 chip.


Here is a posting where I talk about it.




Thanks, at least that's a damn sight cheaper than many of the options out there.

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