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Hey buton,
sorry, I did not see your previous post. I am impressed of your code, I myself have no idea about bit banging. Way to go, I saw your video, very nice.
At work I use the MS5803 sensor which is also very interesting, same size, but with both an I2C and SPI interface. And you could actually use the logging device for climbing as well ;-)
So keep us updated about the mechanical work which is coming up, especially how to get the sensor sealed and water tight.


i tried to put today the sensor in a hole and then put some sillicon but i broke it  :smiley-fat:

i order two more just in case, i will try them out next week in a 9 feet pool, and take some video... i just want to finish the ugly prototype get the software running and then i will focus in getting a quote for and actual board//shield  for the "DIVE-DUINO"... still a lot of work to do.


Oh no, that's bad, we did something similar two days ago, a catastrophic leakage in the sensor housing... man, I thought the programing was the toughest part, but no!
So good luck and don't give up!


i got the new sensor i ordered, i soldered it it did not work with the software already compiled.. it was weird.. so then i tried you example about the calibration factors and it work, then i compile the second version without the calibration factors and it did not work...

i dont know is weird...

so  i finally made it to work but i am unsure what was the issue becuase is the SAME CODE...


Dear godo, dear buton,

I also play with a similar sensor, the MS5535 which I intend to use for a basic underwater mini observatory and your work was of great help for me! I am using a arduino adk board and my plan was to use a Andrid phone to store and transfer the data. However, it seems as if the USB host of this board conflicts with SPI ... I assume this is a similar case like the SD card pin conflict. In an earlier post godo proposed to
put a 74HC125 or so into the DOUT
. This might also be the solution for my problem however I have no idea how to assemble that, it would be very nice if you could post an image or similar of the circuit?
Godo also mentioned he was playing with another sensor, the MS5803, do you know a reseller of that product?

best regards,


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so i made this my little after hour hobbie...

look at


i have some videos and pictures in there about how it is going

huberrob i suggest you take a look at OpenLog https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9530 this will make your life easier at some cost lol


Dear buton or godo,

huberrob i suggest you take a look at OpenLog https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9530 this will make your life easier at some cost lol

thank you very much for this hint and I will consider to use this as a data backup.
However, as I mentioned before I intend to use a Android phone for data transmission and the SPI sensor communication seems to conflict with the USB of the Mega ADK board this was the reason why I was asking for assitance in using the 74HC125.. any advice on that would be very welcome..

best regards,


if someone is looking into this sensor i made this breakout board


you can now solder it...


Hello everyone.
I am new to this forum and arduino programmer too.
Iam bought a mini board arduino http://www.digikey.gr/search/en/A000005/1050-1001-ND?recordId=2638989&keywords=arduino
and the sensor http://www.digikey.gr/search/en?refPId=1&homePageRef=homePage&lang=en&site=gr&keywords=MSP3101P3-ND&x=9&y=19

I found this post about depth sensor so i post my question.
I have a project who it is necessary to take the information from the sensor (in meters) and sent a command to one of outputs e.g to move one servo when to depth measures for example 2 meters etc.
Where can i found a code similar to that?
Thanks and sorry if i hijack this thread,


your sensor is completely different, according to the data sheet this has an analog output which you will have to read with the arduino ADC..


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I have found this thread really useful and I am looking at using a MS5535C pressure sensor with and Arduino.

I am wanting to record the data from the sensor on to an SD card and have a Adafruit Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino, this has a built in RTC which is used to time stamp the data on the SD card and I will also use it to drive the CLK on my sensor.

I read about the use of the SD library and the chip select pin being an issue with other data loggers, I am trying to figure out if this will be a problem with the data logging shield I have?


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