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I surfed around at this page http://www.makezine.com/blog/ and noticed that arduino was posted there. Nothing special just nice to see the word is spreading.

direct link http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/03/pc_to_real_world_interfacing_u.html


And another link via Makezine about the Arduino:

Arduino, the Basic Stamp killer?


Tod has a great background and comparison of the Arduino and the Basic Stamp, he writes - "Parallax's Basic Stamp is the mainstay for hobbyists wanting to add intelligence to everyday devices. A new system called Arduino provides the benefits of the Basic Stamp at a greatly reduced cost, increased speed, and is entirely open-source." - Link.

From MAKE 07 - Arduino Fever. The tale of a cute, blue microcontroller that fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and the expanding community of developers who love and support it. Page 52 & PDF preview.

Also, there are a number of reactions which include some questions about the Arduino. Perhaps someone from around here with a bit more knowledge about the Arduino than I have might be able to answer those?!? :)



Another Arduino project at Makezine:

6-pack - Arduino-based controller for live audio/video performances

"6-pack is an open-ended, highly customisable, and ultra-portable physical controller based on the Arduino board. 6-pack is an Arduino shield consisting of 6 linear potentiometer sliders that can be assigned to different variables in the user's preferred software. It can be used to control a wide array of audio/video applications, from software synthesizers to HDJ systems. All, with a minimal footprint (3,5" x 2,5") and on the cheap (just a fraction of the cost of an equivalent MIDI interface). The project is open source. Schematics and source code included."


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