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So of the users of the Benelux mailing list are using gmail. We have experienced that we always have to rewrite the 'To' field to benelux at arduino dot cc or else a reply will be send only to the originator of the mail you reply to and not the the members of the list.

Do you know if there is a setting in the mailing list that can take care of this?

Thanks in advance!



In gmail, if you click on "reply to all" instead of "reply", the response should go to everyone on the list, I believe.


Ok, but since the sender's name is also in the list of people you reply, does he get the same message 2 times?


I don't think so.  I believe either the mailing list software or gmail is smart enough to prevent duplicates.


seems everyone will end up having its own mailing list, :)

not so much traffic in the official english ml so far...

i wont call for a colombian mailing list..makes little sense to me to split the thing so much..


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