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this is a bit of a silly offering, but it looks cool.

My Nokia phone has Salling Clicker installed, which uses the bluetooth connection to control applescripts on OS X. Applescripts in turn automate system and application funtions, like turn the volume down in iTunes, or put the computer to sleep. You can use the knob on the mobile to control the mouse.

Anyway, I uploaded a command to the phone which sends a binary byte to a perl script, which in turn sends the byte over the serial port to arduino, and turns an LED on or off.

I told you it was frivolous! Despite that, I think it has some interesting potential. The most exciting thing is perhaps to make replace Salling Clicker with a Mobile Processing  midlet, and use the PC as a server to communicate with 1 or more Arduino boards.

So I've included links to these files. There's the pde which uses the serial in example, a perl script (which requires the device::serialport module) and a .scpt file; this is the Applescript used by Salling Clicker.



that wicked mate!! i've seen salling clicker used for all sorts of things, but never arduino!!  ;D


Pretty cool

I have developed something that works the opposite way. it's called applescript proxy and it' s a small mac application that lets you map applescripts to caracters coming from an arduino board.. every time the app receives a certain caracter it runs the associated script. this allows all sort of automation of your mac from an arduino board.

here is a screenshot

if there is some interest I'll post the app in the next few days



great, massimo!
please release it.



if there is some interest I'll post the app in the next few days

Yup, I'm interested too!


Any word on getting ahold of this applescript proxy? I tried emailing at massimo's site, but no response. I could really use it for a project with an upcoming deadline.

I also can't PM because I don't have 5 posts...




I got all the emails and I apologise for not replying yet but as usual I am travelling....

Also in the past i've sent it to two people on the condition that they gave me feedback in order to improve it but they never wrote back...

tonight i am back in milan and I'll send it out.... but if I dont get feedback this time that's it :)



Oh no worries, feedback will be brought in by the truckload!

Thanks Massimo!



Count me in for this one. This looks quite nice and easy to use.  



Erich has posted a tutorial in the Playground on connecting to the Bt through Python...




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it has been released

look at http://tinker.it/now

it's one of the old posts

btw since I've released it a lot of people dowloaded it but nobody gave feedback


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