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I'd like to introduce Phy2Phy, a project to nurture the creation of networked artworks that link one physical world with another physical world over the Internet.

This can include interactions such as:

Touch-to-Touch       Motion-to-Motion                               Heat-to-Heat
Breath-to-Breath     Musical Instrument-to-Instrument       Pain-to-Pain

You can visit the project here:


The Arduino is one of the microcontroller systems the Phy2Phy project targets for use, more info on building Phy2Phy projects here:



So you could hold an international arm wrestling contest (for example) over the dub dub dub. Very cool! might be a novel way to get the (very well funded) sports industry interested in physical computing. Not quite WWF, but I think it's got sex appeal :)



two artists in Canada (of course :) ) did the telephonic arm-wrestling thing  21 years ago: Norman White and Doug Back.

Here's a photo of  the piece:
And a description:

Telephonic Arm Wrestling (1986). A collaborative telecommunications project undertaken by myself and fellow artist, Doug Back. The idea was to allow contestants in two different cities to arm-wrestle, using motorized force-transmitting systems interconnected by a telephone data link. First successfully exhibited during a 1986 link-up between the Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, and the Artculture Resource Centre, Toronto. Sponsored by the McLuhan Programme (Director: Prof. Derrick DeKerkhove), University of Toronto. Materials: Steel, Plexiglas, motors, custom electronics. Owned by Doug Back and myself.

Check out Norman's site. He was doing twenty years ago some of the things that are being done today with Arduino and 'physical computing', but with TTL logic and 8080 processors, and sometimes even -GASP- no processor! and he publishes schematics for things.. here's the schematic for the arm-wrestler.
In Canada these guys are seen as pioneers in the whole physical interaction-computing field.



Arm wrestling over the internet...did that while in Santa Clara. At the Tech Museum you'll find 2 arm wrestling stations that can link together or to another station in one of 5-6 museums across the US.

Damn near tore the ligaments in my elbow. Whatever I did, my arm was sore for over a week.

And there's that game in Japan that got recalled http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/6957339.stm
Unfortunately, the article doesn't detail what the users did....if you position your arm wrong, I can see how you can break it.


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Great info folks!  Here are URLs with info about the arm-wrestling over IP at the museums:




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So arm wrestlings a done theme.

What about tank commander, but in IP/rc tanks with a cam on the turret, and historic battle scape's modeled to scale on a large platform - tanks would shoot water at each other, the winner is the first to short the opponents tank!

Don't ask me how to begin to google that one  ;D  

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