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Hi All,

I have been looking for a way to setup Arduino to work in a DMX Art-Net environment. I have managed to build most of the code but im still stuck at the first herdel. The Art-Net server sends out a broadcast UDP packet which is picked up by the nodes on the network. These nodes then need to broadcast a packet back with there status. i have managed to get Arduino to reply but lacking the information that the server needs.

i have used wireshark to capture a packet that should be replied, but i do not know enough about how the packets are encoded and sent across the network. i have had a look on the forums and the playground but cannot find enough information to help.

if anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction i would be most grateful.



This should help


Considering this link : http://www.erwinrol.com/index.php?opensource/ethereal.php

It seems there is an existing plugin to decode artnet packet.

Have you find it ? do you use it ? Look at the pictures, I'm sure this plugin can help you a lot.


Just curious here, what are some of the devices that operate in this environment?

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