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How's this for the introduction...

Needs a comma between "host computer" and  "hardware driver". It is testing all 4 items.

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I tried the procedure and had no difficulty following it.

Excellent!  Thank you.

The slight change I wanted to suggest was that some of the text in step 8 should be removed

Nope.  Not going to happen.  My Tech-Com II professor stated repeatedly: You tell it to them three times.  You tell them what you are going to tell them in the introduction.  Then you tell them in the body.  Then you tell them what you told them in the conclusion.  After working in technical support for a few years, I strongly agree.  Some people get it the first time they read something.  Some people barely get it the third time they read something.  Troubleshooting instructions need to be written for the latter group; lots of repetition.

and instead there should be a short introduction saying why you would do the test and what it would achieve

I agree.  It needs an introduction / cover.

Suggested text at the start (removing equivalent text in point 8 );
The loopback test will prove that your host computer hardware driver, USB cable, and USB to serial converter are all working.
Try the loopback test after you first install the system or if you cannot upload sketches.

Is it necessary to perform a loop-back test after first installing the system?

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Not everyone that needs repetition is a dummy.  Some folks read this board in their second or third language.  Some folks use google translate to read it.  Some folks are beginners at everything electronic.  Like it or not, repetition works.  It gives the person a second chance to hear it, it gives the translator a new version to try and screw up differently and it helps to reinforce information.

Besides, being snide doesn't help.
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The current state of the introduction...

We have one use-case.

Should the sticky include references to example / related topics?  Some examples...

Any more comments before I change the sticky?

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