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Put a piece of wire in the header pin labelled Reset, and the other end in one of three headers pins labelled GND.

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There's no picture of the wire!

Before a wire can be used, it must be properly declared and defined.
• Upload doesn't work? Do a loop-back test.
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Well, this explains the test but not what to do when it fails, so its really not an explanation at all

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@stargazer2050: If you would like help or to affect a change you will have to provide more information.


not even stickey

OSX 6.5.8 (fresh install)

Board 1 -- Arduino Mega Failed loopback test
Board 2 -- Arduino Mega Failed loopback test
Board 3 -- Arduino Uno Failed loopback test
Board 4 -- Arduino Uno Passed loopback test

Arduino 1.0

I have three boards which are no longer working: They were working fine at least 12 hours ago:

all three failed the loopback test. One did not even register with a usb serial connection.

This has been tried on at least 3 computers so far

any advice would be helpful

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