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   I need to build a datalogger project. Here are the details of the project:

1 - collect data from sensors
2 - put then into a SD card (with date/time)
3 - sent then via gsm/gprs to an ftp server (or via http post)

   I have searched for shields that can do this job for me. Here are:


   My doubt is about the power consumption of both shields.

http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/CellularShield/SM5100B%20Datasheet.pdf <- This is the GSM/GPRS shield's datasheet. You will see a section called "power consumption". I some cases, it can consumes 2A!

http://www.nuelectronics.com/download/projects/sensor_shield_v1.0.pdf <- This is the sensor shield's datasheet. Unfortunately it donĀ“t provide any power consumption information...

   AFAIK, my Arduino 2009 can provide only 500mA via either the USB connection or the external power jack, and some of that is required by the Arduino itself.  Then how can I put these shields to work together?


To get your required 2A you just need to add an additional regulator to your project. Something like this would work, and you'd connect its output to +5V on your Arduino.

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