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tim hirzel

Thanks for the link for the license.  That seems good to me.  

In terms of the css, I should have been more clear.  When I change the margin values in the css you specify to zero, the left margin remains indented, as if its inheriting some indent from somewhere else.  Is it perhaps just my browser?  I'll do these updates in about 10-12 hours and update the zip.  It will be my last for some days as I am going away until next week.  


Hi Tim,

In terms of the css, I should have been more clear.  When I change the margin values in the css you specify to zero, the left margin remains indented, as if its inheriting some indent from somewhere else.  Is it perhaps just my browser?

Seems to be your browser.
On Linux/KDE Firefox and Konqueror it renders fine :
The code-box is left-justified with the normal content (no indenting), an we have an indent of 4ex on the right.



Let me know when you've got the new .zip and I'll upload it.  

BTW, the new home and various sections look great.  Are you waiting on anything in particular before putting it in place?  If not, I'd say go for it; it's a big improvement over what's there now.

Also, you might want to add a section on participation, with links to the registration form and the pmwiki documentation.  A style guide could be useful there as well, if anyone wants to write one.

tim hirzel

Thanks man.  Here is a link to the latest skin.


I tried updating the old one, but it didn't seem to like it.  If you are logged into the server, feel free to delete the other similarly named versions.  Is there a way to delete files from the upload through the wiki?

Sounds good on going ahead with the update.  I will put it in place now. I'll put in some place holders for a style guide and write that up next week.  The other update I owe the wiki is to break out some of the larger sections into sub-pages and put some suggestions in the style guide to encourage people adding content to do so.  I'll be gone all weekend but jump back on it next week.  Of course, if anyone wants to do any of these things over the weekend, please do so!

tim hirzel

Okay, I pushed those edits to the main site.  Its fair game for editing and improvements.  One big thing that I realize still needs to be done is to delete orphans and pages that might otherwise lead contributors to add content to where others wont find it.  For example, Main.ComponentLib.  I was pretty careful to go through everything and move it into the new structure , but its worth double checking that all the content has been moved before deleting a page.  In the meantime, perhaps putting obsolete notices at the top will help.  


Awesome!  It looks great, definitely a big improvement.  Thanks very much for doing this, it never would have happened otherwise.  I'm looking forward to continuing to see all the great things that people add.

P.S. Let me know when you want me to upload the skin(s).


Nov 18, 2007, 01:07 pm Last Edit: Nov 18, 2007, 01:11 pm by wayoda Reason: 1
Hi Tim,
the aBitModern-Skin is broken on Windows(vista) with IE Version7 when
rendering http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ABitModernSkin

Firefox on Vista works fine.

There is a workaround for this at the end of the page (section bugs).



Nov 19, 2007, 01:43 am Last Edit: Nov 19, 2007, 01:55 am by paulb Reason: 1
I am amused by the movements of Hardware listings for third party hardware, around the hardware page. It seems that third party hardware needs to be kept as far as possible from "official hardware". They're listed as Arduino-compatibles for clarity, with full referencing of debates, policy and discussion. What's the issue with having them listed under hardware?  The core question is: Is there anything except copyright law separating an Arduino-compatible from an Arduino?

I also thought that the Playground was the community section of the Arduino website, and as such might benefit from the absence of the editorial control the Arduino Team exercises on the rest of the site.  I had thought the Freeduino wars were about to quiet down and the energy go into more productive pursuits.

While I do think the Arduino community should have the most prominent voices on the Playground (as long as they are courteous), I also realize that I am an interested party, so welcome comments from the rest of the Arduino community.


PS - The reorganization looks great and is a pleasure to use already, kudos to all who made it happen.

PSS - how does commenting on the history page work?  I've yet to figure that out.


Nov 19, 2007, 03:01 am Last Edit: Nov 19, 2007, 03:02 am by mellis Reason: 1
It was more of a organizational thing than anything else, to be honest.  Not trying to start a war or spend too much time on it.  I just thought that people looking for information on their Arduino (on the Arduino website) might be more interested in ways to power their board or burn the bootloader than in arguments about trademarks.  They feel conceptually distinct to me: one is more of a "how to" and the other (the hardware, not the trademark disputes) is more of a "related resources".  Plus, we had two lists of third-party hardware on the page, and it seemed to make sense to consolidate them.  Also, the lists of text without links didn't seem particularly useful.  Again, not trying to start a war here, just find a organization that makes sense for the people using the site.  


Except for the fact that the Official Arduino hardware is all documented inside the site, so one link would suffice for that, why not a hardware page for "Arduino Universe" or "Visual Guide to Arduino" with any and all boards listed, with the specifications that are missing from just about everyone's boards such as size, weight and current draw. Daniel J. has already started one. The real place for this is in the Playground.

The text without links was something of utopian todo list. Or a roadmap to a (robust open-source) Arduino planet.

They could have links with question marks, that might get them one step closer to reality.



I was actually thinking that the Arduino-related hardware probably deserves its own top-level page, rather than getting lumped in with tutorials about power supplies and burning bootloaders (tutorials about configuring Arduino-related hardware probably belongs there, though, like the one about retrofitting the Bare Bones Board for automatic reset).  There used to be one at: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/SimilarBoards, which is linked to from the main Arduino hardware page.  Maybe we should use that and link to it from the sidebar?  Then we can rename the "Arduino Core Hardware" to something like "Connecting and Configuring Arduino Boards"?  

And yea, there's no reason to recreate the list of the Arduino hardware in the playground when it's already on the main site.  I actually removed it (piece by piece, really - I just kept moving its contents to places where they seemed more appropriate, and there was nothing left).  



for the browser compatibility issues, there is a free site called browsershots.com that does screen captures of what your site looks like on twelve different combinations of browsers, OS's and platforms.



Ooops,ran outof '?'
Remember :

A wiki is a type of computer software that allows users to easily create, edit and link web pages. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites, power community websites.............

This is from the wikipedia entry for 'wiki'

@paulb and mellis

  • go to the playground
  • register
  • login
  • contribute

Hey, its a wiki, you're the editor in charge!
P.S. I really can't wait to read the playground-page where Grandpa tells cruel stories about the great 'Arduino vs. Freeduino' wars....

tim hirzel

Here is an updated abitmodern to hopefully repair the IE 7 bug.  If that doesn't work, I think a link to firefox should suffice, or I encourage someone who has access to and likes IE to make the needed edits.  Its posted here for all to hack on.


Daniel, thanks for that awesome link.  the only change is that its browsershots.org
Unfortunately, I don't have access to a pmwiki install that's on-line to use it for testing.  I've just been able to tweak the skin from inside os x.  That's a sweet tool though.



no sweat. Once things go live I am happy to test the compatibility with my box of tools.

Here's another, the W3G HTML checker: http://www.htmlhelp.com/tools/validator/

At the risk of sounding really old, what's the zip file for, do I have to test it locally? Why not just fire it up? That way we can all see it.  

This thread is getting really long, is it time for a new thread called "Live playground design, comments please?"


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