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How would i go about creating a motion capture system with arduino?

As in, the IR cameras are connected to the arduino board where they are sent to the comp tracking specific points.

The points 99% are gonna be IR LEDS.

Ok, so the key is:

So, how can i got about making an IR camera then work my way up to coding it?


So, how can i got about making an IR camera

Define, in this context, "making an IR camera".
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There's a neat chip inside the Wii remote which might well be what you want.

Search with Google on "wii remote ir tracking arduino"


Irrelevant but cool... your own autonomous flying vehicle...

(Uses Arduino, refers to wii's sensor)


So, how can i got about making an IR camera

Define, in this context, "making an IR camera".

convert simple camera to only detect IR light - i sovled how to do that.

The only probelm is - how can i intergrate it with arduino - and how can i match images from different cameras to merge into one?


This person used a computer to track a person with processing ( I think) and then used an arduino to control a curtain.


I am not sure if some of his work may assist you in your project.


Arduino is barely capable of tracking a well-contrasted spot on just one camera.
If you need multiple cameras, then you need to aim higher than Arduino.

Not necessarily; while not quite the same as what the OP wants to do, the following was done as an early motion tracking experiment, which was called the "Twinkle Box" - you can download a copy of the paper here at my website:


This was done circa 1974 - I'm sure the Arduino could handle a similar system...


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Ok, how about, i use flex censors all over key points, and then the arduino uses xbee to transfer data to the software to work out, then it projects a biped model?


Processing has some great recognition and motion libraries that use your computers webcam that I've been having fun with. I wrote something real quick just for fun that uses the frame differencing example to set off an alarm if somebody came in the room or anything moved really. I'd look there if using a computer is an option


This project is quite realistic on a computer using webcam(s). It is a very long stretch for Arduino.

But as i said, if i use flex sensors, then have the data going to the arduino, using xbee it can go to computer then the rest can be dont from there

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