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Im wanting to do something really simple but i have never used an Arduino before. Im familiar with PIC and 8051, but thought i would give this a go.

I want to control four solenoids via ethernet- i said it was easy.

So from what i can understand i need a mother card and ethernet daughter card. The solenoids only require 40-50mA, and to avoid building external circuitry i thought i might be able to piggy back a second daughter card the motor controller.

There seem to be so many options when i want to order cards, i thought i would ask for help. Any ideas on the hardware to purchase would be great.



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You'll need driver transistors for the solenoids, and diodes too.

Edit: sorry missed the significance of the motor board.
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I suggest you pay the extra $$$ get the ethernet shield that uses the W5100 chip.
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The standard ethernet shield (sold at http://store.arduino.cc/ww/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_5&products_id=139 and numerous other places piggybacks onto an Arduino and will then let you plug a motor controller shield on top of that.
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They make an Arduino Uno with the Ethernet included, now:


The ethernet card also has a micro-SD card slot, allowing you to serve up pages with no computer.  This gives you a stand alone device like your router - pretty cool stuff.

The Arduino Uno with the Ethernet included ($55) is a cool product but it looks like you would also need the FTDI Breakout, which costs $15 (sparkfun).  So you are at $70 with no SD card slot. 

For about the same price the standard uno and Ethernet shield may be the best option.

Best of luck :)

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