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This is using a MSP430, but with converted code from an Arduino library.

The GLCD is 128x64, using two KS0108 controllers. The display initializes fine, but when I clear screen (fill screen with 0x00), I get many little things leftover, as seen here:

The location/width of the leftover bits is random, but they are always arranged in those rows, and are 8 blocks high.

Any ideas on what is going wrong?


Any ideas on what is going wrong?

So you ported the glcd library to the MSP430?
How do you really know that the display initializes fine?
Given you have had to modify the code to port it to the TI MCU, there is no way for me to accurately predict what is going on.
My suspicion is that the control line timing is being violated.
Violating the timing can cause all sorts of strange issues because the module is not accurately seeing
commands/data nor is the MCU accurately seeing data that is attempted to be read from glcd memory.

Almost always when you see these sorts of weird displays, it is due to timing being violated.
It can be from improper BUSY polling to simply not strobing the control lines with the proper delays
between them.

--- bill

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