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Hi i am a newbie to arduino and picking up fast. i just need to know how we can setup a stepper motor and a servo motor with the official arduino motor shield v3.0 shown here http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoMotorShield

there is very little documentation and hence i am stuck
i have a small hobby servo ( it has three output wires ) and a five pin unipolar stepper motor

sorry if this is the wrong place or anything to post such a query
any help will be appreciated

thank you


Check out this thread, I just figured out how to do a stepper.


It will only do one stepper, and does not do servos at all.

Good luck


you don't need a shield to run a servo, any free digital pin will work.

see the servo tutorial here: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Sweep


that was great help.....i was successful in running my servos. and yes as you said, it seems i dont need the shield for running steppers. ;) :P

thanks again


... and yes as you said, it seems i dont need the shield for running steppers. ;) :P

you do need the shield for the steppers, its the servos that run without a shield.


oops.... sorry for that....i got all mixed up here......
i meant to say that i dont need them for servos.... :P

thanks for correcting me

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