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To all UK users

we (tinker.it) are in the process of becoming a sparkfun distributors to sell some of their products in the UK.
We have already a few products in the list of things to buy but I thought it would be a good idea to ask the brits in the audience
which sparkfun product they would like imported.

let me know



This would be very interesting not only for the brits. Because UK is in the EU buying stuff from the UK is usually cheaper for most people in the EU, than buying from the states. Add the cheaper shipping to that, and this could be a good deal for many people.


The wiring board!

*ahem* wrong forum...  :-/


I would want the Simon Game kit for the SMD soldering lecture. BlueSMIRFs and SerLCD backpacks would be nice too.


Here's my wish list ordered by priority:
- some bluetooth module that works with the Arduino stamp
- Sensors: Acceleration (3D), gyro, compass
- Serial enabled LCD backpack
- The Nordic transceivers as cheaper alternative to the XBee
- Complete Lilipad range (although we can already get that in the NL - so it's not as urgent)

Any idea how soon you might have any of these in stock?


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