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Hi Everyone,

(This may not be the correct place to post this,so Mods please move it to another area if needed...i'm not offering a product or service just a one off offering some LEDs that i don't need)

I'm a London based Lighting Designer/tech
In the course of developing rather a complex lighting fixture, I have amassed quite a collection of various LEDs.
I was going to put the ones i don't need on ebay, but thought i would post here first to see if anyone is interested in this stuff,whilst i haven't posted much here in the past,i've learnt a lot from all the great info on this forum and thought i would give you guys first shot if you're interested.

As i said, i have purchased various samples during my research,each time its been batches of 200 pcs mostly from China.
Only a few pieces from each batch have ever been used and the only very briefly for quick tests.
Here's the info on the first 2 batches i no longer need:

Bliptronics Style 50x50x50mm Cube   may in fact have come from the same factory as the bliptronics ones
Full colour  LPD6803 IC

Photo2 ->http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/7528/detailsg.jpg

DC 12V
Lifespan 30,000 hrs

No. of LEDs RED x3  Green x3 Blue x3

Cable colours:
Red : +12vDC
Blue: GND

Made in 'Strings' of 20, cable length between 'Pixels' is approx 290mm

I have 200 for sale,willing to split into batches of 20pcs,if you take all 200 you can have the standalone controller as well...Sure you'd prefer to use an Arduino though!

Controller works with some software where you layout your matrix of cubes and then add flash animations or images.
This is then saved to the SD card and inserted into controller.
I must say though i have never used this software and have only used the controller with its built-in/preset pattern to test the units.
I thought a copy of software was on the SD Card,but if it is, my mac can't see it

£400 for all 200(+ StandaloneController) or £40 per 20 pcs (1 'string')

2.5W RGB Modules

Photo1 ->http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/9818/25wcolourexamples.jpg
Photo2 ->http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/2231/25wmoduledetails.jpg

140 degree view angle
weight 20g

strings of 20, 150mm cable between modules

Colour info:
Red: 620-625nm
Green: 520-523nm
Blue: 460-465nm

Common Anode
Constant Voltage

Lifetime: 50,000 hrs with 70 % lumen maintenance

Full range of colours can be mixed using a 3 Channel PWM driver

The photos don't really do the colours justice,these modules give out very deep saturated colours

Please beware that these modules are wired in parallel on their strings,there are no built in ICs..so if you have a string of them they will all give out the same colours…
Each module has its own built in current limiting resistors.
I have 200 of these modules willing to split them up in to batches of 20 (they are made in strings of 20)

£500 for 200pcs  or £50 for 20pcs

I have no interest in making a profit out of either of these LED Modules,would just like to try and recoup some development costs.
If you are interested send me a PM and we can discuss details..


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