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I had a really lovely 2 page chart with all the capacitor codes and values on it for quick reference.....(with a cool looking guy at the top with glasses!) but iv lost it!

I know If the value is a two digit whole number then that's the pF value, and decimal numbers = mF, and three digit third digit multiplier.

But I want my lovely chart from some Australian electronics shop, that had All the code in a lovely chart for quick referencing!!!!!!

anyone know the chart im talking about or have something the same (not a little common code 104-474 chart)  


take a look at google image :)
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OK Google image was the first place I looked before asking here, but couldn't find it!


:P I CAN use google all by may self like a big girl, but thank you for taking the time to post that!
(was numerical not colour codes).


Sorry, I've never seen such a chart, and I have a whole pile of completely unmarked capacitors so it wouldn't do me any good if I had one. I would definitely recommend a good capacitance meter if you plan on identifying many mystery capacitors.

Sparkfun has a nice kit for a pretty good one: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9485


iv got a capacitance meter on my DMM, but the chart was supa dopa handy just had it tucked into the back of my note book and could work out cap codes, and conversions.

Some one must have it, it had uF, nF, pF, euro codes, Usa codes, colour codes and was 2 A4 pages chock full of ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the values and codes.  =(   


…with a cool looking guy at the top with glasses!…

Sounds like Dick Smith.

(Does Dick Smith still exist? The last time I was in Australia was the late '70s.)


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Your totally right!!!!!! that's the guy on my chart!!!!


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Woooooooooo! found page 1 0f 2!


Looks like:


has something very similar (but without the guy with glasses).

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