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i'm searching for a cheap i2c temperaturesensor.
have you got some ideas?

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Personally I had the chance to buy a lot of 1wire sensors cheap, haven't worked with I2C-ones yet.

I don't know what temperatures you'll measure, maybe the LM75 would do the job.

If not, a search on "I2c and temperature" for components in stock gave me this list on Mousers site.
(hopefully there's one on it suiting your needs.)



You want to use the DS1621.  It costs about the same as a 1-wire temp sensor.

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When asking for a "cheap" solution, it is helpful to define what you consider to be "cheap"...
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STLM75, £1.05 from Farnell UK, but its SMT!
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MCP9800 is less than $1.50US.  SOT23-5 package, surface mount.



I am currently using SHT21 sensors for my project

they are however incredibly small so kind of a pain to solder but they give humidity readings and the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.  I think they are about £10 a pop.

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