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Alternative to a MOSFET ?

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I am using this mosfet to PWM a 12V motor

IRF540 -

it is mounted on a heat sink - and i am getting it HOT

hot enough to melt the solder !

i need something with a higher current rating

any suggestions ?

do i need to use an IGBT ?

It isn't possible to recommend anything with only knowing the voltage rating of the load.  You need to tell us what the characteristics of your motor are in order to answer the question.  

hi guys

The motor is being switched from a 12v car battery
the heatsink is only slightly larger than the mosfet (supplied by maplins)
the motor is from an electric battery drill - i do not know its spec
the arduino is providing the pwm

the current the motor pulls i guess is down to how hard it is working

can you take a look at this mosfet -

rated at 116 Amps at 10V or 400 Amps pulsed !!

is this one any good ? -

The IRF540 is not logic-level, its not suitable for driving from 5V as it won't be fully on. Logic level MOSFETs have Ron characterised at Vgs=4.5V, not 10V. The vast majority of TO220 GETs are _not_ logic-level, note


An example of a logic level MOSFET could be RFP30N06

See sparkfun


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