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I have this laser diode and instruction manuals tell me that even a short transient, 1ms long will destroy the diode if it exceeds a given voltage. I think the limit was 4.6V or somewhere around there.

How can I 100% make sure that voltage never exceeds some given level, not even for the briefest of moments? What component do I need to use?


Don't ever hook it to anything with a wire and you're still only 99% certain. All electrical components have a failure point. I was a test engineer for GE and did lightinging and static discharge testing. We never expected things to not fail, only to fail in a safe manner.


What component do I need to use?

A Zener diode would work. It will clamp all negative voltages and all positive voltages above it's zener voltage rating.



Look at this site for information on Lasers and their feeding:-


1ms is short?

I guess all things are relative...
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1ms is short?

I guess all things are relative...

Haha I love that fact that I no longer think of that as a short period of time. Thanks LED matrices

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