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I've been using an arduino for a while. Gotten alot of useful javascript experience.
Allthough, to me this is a rather limited language, and I don't really imagine it being a good interface to communicate with an Arduino or microcontroller via pc.

Sure, the Arduino could run Javascript, but I don't want to have to be running "Processing" (as I have so faar) or similar to get some sort of input/output option.

So I aquired Visual Studio. Unfortunately, I don't know where to start.
Is Visual C a good language to learn for this? And if so, where do I start with this?


c or c++ is better (more used), but don't bother yourself with it if you need a GUI.
also wiring is based upon this 2 languages, so it will improve your skill with arduino
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Many of the examples for the Arduino are C, and you can code and use them directly from their tools (no Visual C needed). So if you wanted the greatest range of informaiton, C would probably be the best route.


If you want to use Visual studio to program applicatuins on the PC to communicate with Arduin, i would recommend c# (or VB.NET)
Most people use these two languages.

Doing serial communication with .net is relatively easy.

There are many examples in this forum and other places on the net, just google Arduino and c#


Ok, so if I use C, where do I start with this?

What I need is basically a GUI for my Arduino. Though, I don't want to rely on others, so I need to make this myself.

I've been using processing, but this turns out stupid, cuz it runs ok as long as I'm running it in the processing program, but if I attempt to open the java file I've made directly, It will open in my browser and be all fucked up. (Meaning indicators mostly doesn't work)

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