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well if ( pingPin,_______________ ) i don't know what does, but your arduino can read the ms of the ping, and can translate this time in cm/inches

with the first code (that was working, right?) you can read in the serial monitor the output (distance in inch and cm), take a look if this data is good.
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yeah your right, :D
but can you send and example of it, a little bit modified, so i will understand it clearly  :smiley-slim:


Code: [Select]
if ( pingPin,_______________ )
I don't understand what this is meant to signify. It doesn't look like C.

Please will you go back over your earlier posts, highlight the code, then click on the # icon. Then click "save".
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my PING))) SENSOR worked like a charm.  :)  :D :D :D :D :D

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