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Just be sure your up on your math skills. As I understand it the calculus requirements are one of the biggest wash-out hurdles for the EE major, and most other engineering degress.



Yeah I've known how important that would be towards my degree, whatever I choose, and I've made sure to learn the most I can. Math is my best subject (and always has been) and I'm taking the highest level possible. This year I'm taking pre-calc honors and next year I plan to take calc BC which is widely regarded at our school as one (if the most) of the hardest classes. But I'm excited, I've wanted to be in calculus for a while now. So I think in that regard I'm set


I went the EE route.  There was sufficient room in my electives to pick up programming courses.  It worked for me I was employed by Control Data Corporation, Cray Research and Silicon Graphics over the years.


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