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Topic: [SOLVED] 3.3v Regulator drops to 2.8v under load - capacitor not big enough? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


And the datasheet (warning: PDF)

Shouldn't the warning be about the language?

Are you sure that you have a 3.3 volt version of the regulator and not an adjustable version?



Ok, just a followup:

I got tired waiting for the 100uF capacitors I ordered so took apart an old mouse and used the 220uF aluminium one inside it as a filter capacitor.

IT WORKED! This has really driven home the importance of having not just any old capacitor, but one that is actually suitable for the regulator being used. For anyone who's come here somehow through google, check your datasheets!

Thanks all for the prompt and polite help, this is why I love the arduino community.

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