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Hi everyone.

I've got myself an arduino and started to play with it. I was uploading default examples to arduino and everything was fine, until I've reached the part about servos. So, i've uploaded servo-sweep example to my arduino and I've got some strange bug - my servo moves a little bit and then nothing happens. But! When I try to upload another example, I receive "Serial port COM3 already in use. Try quitting any programs bla-bla-bla". I close IDE and open task manager (I'm on win7sp1). Of course, the problem is in javaw.exe, that for some reason still hangs in memory. I try to kill it, but... nothing happens =) It still hangs in process list. I do kill it again and again, but it's immortal like Connor MacLeod =) I even downloaded ProcessExplorer from MS, a tool that can kill anything, but it was defeated by mighty javaw.exe =) The only way to solve the problem is to reboot pc. Does anybody know how to solve that problem?



please be aware that the servomotor might be using too much current, especially when it starts.

try to see if you have an rxtxSerial.dll  somewhere else than the arduino directory




Maybe there are more processes involved to run java, and killing one could cause an automatic restart of javaw.exe by some other daemon (service whatever). So kill the daemon first.

after a reboot check a processlist
start the IDE and chack which processes were added
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Problem solved.
I've switched to the external power source and it works fine now.

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