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Arduelo Libero is a new Czech clone compatible board with the project Arduino Diecimila.

Arduelo find two identical 15 pin connectors, which are in the grid are symmetrical and do not cut. By gaining two new pins, which is taken aback input for an external oscillator. Switching is achieved by using connectors (jumpers) next to the crystal. Another small change is to move all the LEDs, and resetting the buttons on the side, outside the connectors that are available even when deployed module.

Arduelo web page: http://pcb.firenet.cz/index.php?page=arduelo-libero


You should have your website in English...


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That is true, but I can not much English. It is just as the hardware, so it probably does not matter so much. All you pay for Arduino applies to Arduelo.

I even forgot.
Production documents created in Kicad can be found here:

Heh Google translator is interesting:))


Production documents created in Kicad can be found here:

w00t! Very cool to see someone using KiCad around here--thanks for sharing. :-)



Appears to be incompatible with existing shields...not a huge loss, really, since you can now make your own shields easily with 0.1" proto board.
Unique RGB LED Modules and Arduino shields: http://www.macetech.com/store


Very cool to see someone using KiCad around here

Agreed, even though I haven't used it yet.  It's a lot easier to pick such things up looking at other peoples' projects instead of starting from scratch...

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