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Hey.  Am I seeing right?   The Duemilanove is slightly cheaper than the Diecimila?   That's a rather pleasant surprise!  Extra functionality at less cost - yeah!


Where are you seeing a price for the '09?  I see Ladyada's lowered the price on the Dieci to clear it out in anticipation of the new model but none of the usual suspects seem to list it yet.


This is the only online place I've seen it and it is under $30 USD.



One clarification... the link says arduino-diecimila.html, but it points to the new arduino duemilanove product.


Also seen at fungizmos and liquidware.  In general, it looks like duemilanove has a price around $33, while Diecimila is around $35.
It's not  BIG change in price, but it's sorta nice to see.

NKC's $29.95 appears anomalous - get them while you can!


That's pretty cheap :)

Time to stock up :)


There are some other options. I'm sure this doesn't cover them all, but cheaper boards I'm aware of:

ModernDevices makes the RBBB ($12 kit, $21 assembled) and BBB ($15 kit, $25 assembled), which are no-USB boards perfect for "production" or breadboarding. A generic USB->serial cable is available for $20.

NKC Electronics has the iDuino, a USB 'duino ($18 kit, $23 assembled), as well as the Freeduino- a shield-compatible 'duino ($24 kit).

HVWTech (a SolarBotics company) sells the Freeduino SB (shield-compatible 'duino), ($26 kit), as well as the Boarduino, a breadboard-style that needs a USB-serial cable ($20 kit).



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The official arduinos are very nice :)

In some cases though you may need something smaller or different like the boards mentioned by tedder

There is also the dorkboard http://www.dorkbotpdx.org/ which sells for about $10

It is incredibly small, it is half the size of a RBBB from modern device, 1/4 the size of a BBB from modern device, about 1/4 the size of an iDuino from Fundamental logic and about 1/6 to 1/8 the size of the official Arduino

Unfortunately the Dorkboard uses 2 SMT resistors which can be very difficult to solder, has a 5pin programming header which does not work with the 6pin FTDI cable, as far as I know, and does not have a voltage regulator onboard, which is a good thing and a bad thing

You either have to power it with a battery or an external regulated power supply

I have several of most of the boards tedder mentioned and a dorkboard and a few other boards


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