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it seems like that is the one thing left to do, only problem is im not sure what changes were made to iom328p. everything else is fine except for a strange bug in the TWI interrupt handler..

spiffed: please note that i made some corrections to the bootloader instructions...make sure the fuses and text is fixed because otherwise it will 'appear' to work at first but cause some serious problems later when a large program overwrites the bootloader :(

Frank Katzenberger

Is it possible to replace the 16 MHz crystal oscillator to a 20MHz for the Diecimila without any changes to the two caps?  This ATmega328P will be pretty cool.
Frank Katzenberger
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Johan Krava

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Frank Katzenberger asked a great question! :)

Can we upgrade to a 20MHz oscillator crystal or 20MHz resonator and run the ATmegaXXX-20 chips at the spec'ed 20MHz and modify the bootloader and libraries accordingly to compensate ( so the timing is correct )?



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You know the mega168 is also spec'ed to run at 20MHz...
It was only the Mega8 that was limited to 16Mhz.

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