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I think I can see where you're coming from, trying to make things easier for newbies, but I think the casting syntax isn't that complicated that it should need a macro.

I agree with this, the language has a proper flow to it, and when you start adding macros to make it look like something else, you make it harder to get a true feel for the langue.


Please forgive my ignorance, but all I want is for this:

TCCR1A = 242;
TCCR1B = 25;
ICR1 = 1023;
DDRB = _BV(PB1) | _BV(PB2);

...to work again. What do I need to do?



monk_tavern: you might be better off making a separate post (in a different category) with more details.  What are you trying to do?  When did it work?  What happens now?


The macro is need any where you would have previously used as a cast.  It allows people to avoid learning the cast syntax.

Not learning how to cast is not a good idea.


Arduino 0011 is now available: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.  

Changes include:

* Improved reliability for uploading to Arduino BT.
* Better support for bootloader burning with a parallel programmer.
* Fixed Find in Reference.
* Added map() function for mapping values from one range to another.
* Added analogReference() function.
* Added interrupts() and noInterrupts() functions.
* Added degrees() and radians() functions.
* Added timeout parameter (in microseconds) to pulseIn(); default is 1 second.
* Support for uploading sketch using a programmer.
* Improved detection of functions that need prototyping.
* Placing function prototypes after #include's and #define's.
* No longer moving #include statements to the top of the sketch.
* Can now drag .pde files onto the Arduino dock icon on Mac OS X.
 Thanks to Peter Sgouros.
* New script for downloading the reference from Tom Pollard.  Thanks Tom!
* Miscellaneous Mac OS X and other patches from Wim Lewis.  Thanks Wim!
* Updated Mac OS X FTDI drivers.

Updates to the reference and other documentation will follow in the next few days.

Is this in reference to the Alpha version only, and not the full release?


I'm using the 0012 IDE and there is still a problem with this.

Supposedly it was fixed, but that does not seem to be the case. How about just undoing whatever it was that broke casting? Trying to insulate new folks from casting is just not the right way to go.

I think doing this is just going to far to keep newbies from having to learn more of the real C/C++ language.  Casting is not that difficult to deal with.


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