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I installed it in a spare hard drive. While I was glad to see the reintroduction
of the start menu, I was otherwise not impressed.

The use of a microsoft account to sign in is ridiculous and too much like "big brother"

I also dislike the tiles on the start menu. And performance doesn't seem that good
(although it is beta)

Also, it contains a keylogger!

we may collect typed characters and use them for purposes such as improving autocomplete and spellcheck features.
I suspect W7 will be around for a long time like XP and maybe prompt more people to migrate
to alts like GNU/Linux
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I've loaded it in a virtual machine running in Win 7.
I like the interface better than the Windows 8(.1) one. At least the start button's back, and I don't mind the tiles in the start menu. They're better there than on the 'modern tile interface' of 8.
I also don't like the insistence on a password to do anything (same as on 8). There's no access password on my Win 7 machine. The only people who have access to it are my family and I trust them. 
Hopefully, the keylogger is only in the preview and will be removed in the final version.


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I've got it in a VM.
Meh; I was starting to like the "start page" in 8.1 (used IN ADDITION to the desktop/start menu, mind you.)

(I've discovered that W8.1 and presumably 10 don't work very well in VMs, due to the whole licensing/activation situation.  It's going to be a real PITA.)  (Probably W7, too.  But I mostly skipped that.)

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