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I just started reading the article with my morning coffee, and wanted to say Woot! Gratz! and the like to the folks at Arduino for their feature in Wired Mag!  :)



I havent seen the article yet :) how do I look in the pictures? ahahahah





I wish I could buy a copy  but I am in copenhagen and it'a going to take a while...



NKC got it first!  heheh, I had wandered off to scan the page and got sidetracked (ooh!  shiney!)  :D


is the full article online somewhere?


That's going to be a collector's issue for sure :)

Arduino was featured on Wired and made it onto slashdot as well



Great article,

It should be included at the www.arduion.cc home page.

After reading it i must say that i have a added understanding of the whole arduino idea.


A very good read, your right Hulk it should be on the home page on the arduino website.

Certainly made me appreciate the new found hobby i have in the arduino baord and the fact that i can do what ever i want with it, even use it to do a business with  ;D.

Its just going to get better.


It was a great article and is the only reason why I now know of this and why I am now on the forms...The whole idea of OS hardware really blew my mind!  :o
Who would have thought this stuff is so cool! I wish I would have studied code instead of wasting my time playing football...oh well :(

Noah Cutter

It's always so exciting when Open Source hardware (or software for that matter) is mentioned in the (somewhat) mainstream. I subscribe to Wired, and admittedly didn't see it the first time I skimmed through the issue. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Banzi!


There's more :)



Very cool :)

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